Colorado Suppressors and Silencers For Sale

Shooter Ready has teamed up with Silencer Shop to offer one of the most comprehensive suppressor offering. Because Silencer Shop focuses strictly on suppressors they have extensive knowledge of the product have the widest selection of any our distributors.

Silencer Shop has pioneered one of the easiest processes to purchasing a Suppressor. Being able to pay for you tax stamp and process your form 4. There system allows you to purchase 24/7 and upload your trust directly and all the paper work is handled.

Many people think suppressors are illegal. In some states that is true but Federal Law has what is called the NFA act of 1934 and Colorado does not restrict silencers. However, you must be 21 and have no felonies. Most importantly you must have patience. This is in not an instant gratification item. The entire process will anywhere from a few months to almost a year to obtain your tax stamp.

I get the question what is the difference between a suppressor and silencer. While suppressor is the most accurate term because we can never truly silence our firearm silencer is the legal term. Don’t let the movies fool you. However 22 lr subsonic and 300 black out are pretty darn close. As some people have expressed “stupid quite”.

1. Register the suppressor to a trust

2. Register the suppressor to a corporation

3. Register the suppressor in your own name

Colorado supressors and silencers