Colorado Gunsmithing

To offer further services Shooter Ready has enlisted the help of True Grit Gunsmithing. While this is a new partnership Stacy Coons is a full time gunsmith. To better serve our customers he works off site. Shooter Ready is providing the convenience of our location for drop off and pick up. We can handle most communication for the gunsmithing services. Just bring in your firearm we will fill out all the paperwork including the services to be performed and any special instructions. We will provide a basic estimate at the time of drop off based on his published rates. In some cases the gunsmith will contact you with a final estimate before performing any work. The gunsmith will typically pick up and return your project on Fridays. Times and days may vary depending on schedule.

Turnaround time will vary depending on the work to be performed and the availability of parts. Delivery of parts varies drastically from vendor to vendor and this is what generally causes the delay in repairs.

If you have a specific project with lots of details and need to contact the gunsmith directly Stacy is available at (720) 458-3759. Please just let him know you found him through Shooter Ready.

Minimum Labor Charge $20
Man Hour $50/hr
Machine Hour $80/hr
Written Appraisals $30/gun
Install recoil pad $50
Shorten stock $20+
Remove live round $60+
Remove stuck case or bore obstruction $50/hr
Test fire $20 plus ammunition
Mount scope $60 – Mount bases, rings, lap rings, collimate scope, boresight
Drill and Tap receiver- $20+/hole
Install “drop in” trigger kits $75 – proper installation includes careful fitting and polishing of all friction parts
Front sight insert $40 (Poured insert into any existing front sight blade)
Trigger work on single action revolvers, rifles $50+
Trigger work on double action revolvers and semi autos $75+
Install sights on pistols $40+
Check headspace $50
Cast Chamber $80

Rifle Work
Cut and crown barrel $80
Chamber and fit barrel to action $250
Blueprint action $250
Thread barrel $100
Thread barrel, install and time muzzle brake $140
Install sling studs $40
Glass bed stock $100
Pillar bed stock $140

DCOA (Disassemble, Clean, Oil, Assemble)
Handgun, Bolt action $60+
Lever action, Semi auto $75+
Break open shotgun $80+
Sidelocks $120+

1911 Work
Trigger job $125 plus parts
Fit beavertail $100
Mill slide for sights front and rear $200

Duracoat/Cerakote +20
Rifle, Handguns, Shotgun single color $200
Handgun Slide $100
Handgun Frame $110
Barreled Receiver $150
Stock only $100
Rings/Bases $50
Receiver both halves (AR series) $150
Receiver Upper $90
Receiver Lower $80
Handguard $80
Scope $100
Additional fees and discounts
Excessively dirty firearms + $50
Cerakote + $20
Non stocking colors + $30
Additional colors + $30 per color
Stripped firearms - $30
Color fill + $35

Colorado Gunsmithing