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Colorado Gun Consignment

Whether you are trying to confrom to the new Colorado law, or just do not have the it time to take pictures, write a descripton and post it multiple forums or auction sites. Let Shooter Ready do all the work for you so you get the most money from your firearm sale. We will help you determine the correct pricing based on current book value and market analaysis.

Colorado buy guns

If you do not have time to take advantage of the consignment selling process and you just need to sell or trade your firearm quickly Shooter Ready purchases and trades firearms. While we deal with the more modern handguns and rifles we are always interested in good condition working firearms regardless of age.

How much will I get?

Keep in mind you should always receive more if you sell your firearm to a private individual. This will generally net you approximatley 80% of what a new firearm currently sells based that it is in like new condition with all the original accessories.

Typically we will be able to purchase/trade your firearm for up to 60 percent of it's new value. While blue books are a good source of identifying firearms the moment they were printed the pricing is out of date. We base firearms value with current market analysis including local and internet selling pricing. The percentage we give is based on the condition, availability of this firearm and how quickly it should sell.