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Colorado CCW II Class

"Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude to be a competent and repsonible conceal carry citizen ." This class will cover all the basics so whether you are a novice you may learn these for the first time. As seasoned shooter you will have a great review.

What to expect to learn:

• This course is approximately 6 hours. Includes approximately 2-3 hours classroom and 2-3 hours simulator range time.

• Review rules for safe gun handling.

• Review pistol shooting fundamentals such as stance, Grip, sight picture and trigger control.

• Learn to draw from a holster both open and concealment.

• Learn effective magazine changes.

• Learn to shoot strong side, weak side, basic use of cover, movement and basic tactics.

• Learn opportunities for skill development.

• Learn Judicial use of force for Colorado CCW permit holders.

What do I need to bring:

• An open mind and a willingness to learn safe firearms handling.

• Classroom: your may bring your personal firearm only, cased, unloaded and NO LIVE AMMUNITION.

• Range time will be provided via our indoor simulators and Judgemental Scenario Video sytems this allows us to elimante the cost of ammunition .


• Attended either our CCW Class, be a current CCW Holder or present a CCW Class Certificate from a verifiable trainer. In addition you will need open mind and a willingness to learn to be a responsible concealed carry citizen .


• $120 Per person must have a minimum of three students.

Colorado Firearms Safety Course Schedule

Saturday February 20th, 2016 2:30pm to 9pm

Colorado CCW Class Sign up for Firearms class

• Have a group of your own contact us for a private sesson.