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Shooter Ready is always evaluating the Colorado firearms community needs and wants.  With all the big box stores around us it is easy to find a built AR 15 but AR15 Parts and building components have been elusive. Based on this and experiencing losing a spring, detent or some other small AR 15 part I have started carrying the individual AR15 parts. 

One of the complications of an AR15 build is choosing which handguards, grips, trigger, and etc..  Then we find the parts online all different places and end up spending a fortune in shipping cost.  I have found two decent distributors of AR15 parts.  This would be RSR Group and Zanders Sporting Goods. If you click on either one of these distributors you can see the manufactures offered.  If you put a list together with the UPC code I can tell you the stock level and pricing.  I will be happy to order these AR15 Parts. 

As business continues to grow and I can figure out trends I will bring in more selection so you don’t have to wait. Please be patient and help me as I learn the nuances of the AR15.