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At Shooter Ready we try to keep in stock a variety of handguns and rifles for the Colorado Firearms Enthusiasts. Even though we concentrate on handguns for personal protection and competition we understand the many disciplines Colorado firearm owners are involved. Due to the many firearm disciplines, the wants and needs of each Colorado firearm owner can vary so much that there is no way we can stock every firearm available. Because of this we utilize a variety of handgun and rifle distributors to provide you with the most available firearms. If you are searching for a firearm that is not showing in stock We have several ways we can help you obtain your favorite handgun or rifle.


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Shooter Ready is proud to be a Davidson's Gallery of Guns Gold Dealer. Davidson's while a little more expensive than other distributors is a preferred distributor when ordering firearms that are still imported or manufacturers that offer a limited warranty. With the Davidson's Guarantee you receive a Lifetime Guarantee on all firearms purchased through this Colorado Firearms website. This site is one of quickest and easiest way to check availabilty or to see all the firearms and accessories available is to shop online at the Shooter Ready Davidson's Gallery of Guns. This gives you access to every firearm, scope and magazine the distributor has available. It also allows you to shop at your convenience, place your in stock order online with a 25% deposit. We have firearms shipped on Wednesday for Friday delivery.

Items marked "Allocated". These items are available in very limited supply. If you are wanting one of these items please contact us at 720-420-0863 and we can put you on the special order list to let know when they become available.

Out of Stock Items: There is no way to know when the Out of Stock items will be available. In these situations please contact us at 720-420-0863. We will be happy to check other firearems distributors for availablity. Pricing may vary due to the distributor and how soon you need your new firearm.

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